From Loren Muehlius (GMI)

Here are some thoughts about Bill. I knew him from working with him 27 or so years at GMI, Global Mapping International.

I haven’t come up with specific memories of Bill, but definitely remember character traits. Bill was very knowledgeable. If I had a computer issue, I could ask Bill about it and almost all the time he would have an answer. Thus it was very reassuring and comforting to have Bill as a resource. Of course sometimes the answer Bill gave would involve a 5, 10 minute or longer answer. Bill’s knowledge wasn’t only about computers or technical things, but involved a host of other subjects. I considered Bill a walking encyclopedia.

Bill desired to use his answers as teaching times, which I think is one reason they were often long and detailed. He wanted to enable us with his knowledge to be able to do the task or fix the issue ourselves.

He had a great heart to serve people. If our computers at GMI weren’t working, Bill would usually be working to get them back up right away. He helped other people with computer issues as well as with other things such as cars, house repairs, moving, or simply doing ordinary things.

Bill was great at giving time to people even when he had other things on his plate to do. This of course would delay the thing which he had on his plate to do, but it shows how he valued people. It was interesting to see Bill’s interest in people. He would start conversations with restaurant workers, workers at stores, and even a person who simply crossed his path.

He was a very committed person. An indicator of this is the large amount of time, effort, and thought he put into GMI. He spent many hours helping us fellow workers and sometimes days and nights working on computer issues. When our CEO, Mike O’Rear died of a heart attack, Bill stepped in to lead GMI.

All of the above were done with a spiritual motivation. He didn’t do them to get people’s compliments or approval, but since He knew Jesus loved and had served Him, Bill could show and demonstrate Jesus’s love to others. Bill wanted others around him and throughout the whole world to know Jesus, His love, and His offer of salvation to those who put their trust in Him.

I will definitely miss Bill for all his insights, concern for people, and servant heart. However, it is great to know he is now in the presence of His Maker who I’m sure has shared the following words with Bill, “Well done good and faithful servant.”


Loren Muehlius

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