J. Nelson Jennings – Onnuri Community Church, Seoul

Dear Family and Friends of Bill Dickson,

Along with many others, I was deeply shocked when I received the news of Bill’s recent accident. Please know of my heartfelt condolences and prayers.
I did now know Bill for nearly as long as others sending you their notes and remembrances. I only met him in January 2016, when I was in the GMI Office at the beginning of my tenure as GMI Global Engagement Director. Bill took the time to sit with me and share some of his extensive institutional memory and areas of mission research expertise. The time and care he gave left a deep impression.
Since that time I enjoyed and appreciated greatly interactions electronically. His contributions to Christian world mission clearly were extensive.
Again, know of my and many others’ shared grief, gratitude, and sure hope in our risen Lord’s grace and mercy.
In Christ,

Rev. J. Nelson Jennings, PhD
Serving Christ’s Mission as Networker,
Instructor, Preacher, Scholar, Author
Onnuri Community Church, Seoul
Mission Pastor, Consultant, and International Liaison

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