Some Memories

Thanks to Steve, Ed, and Anne for these great little vignettes.

Bill was one of the closest friends I’ve ever had.  I felt loved and valued by him.  In the photo he is teaching me the GMI phone network.  I loved doing anything that let me work with Bill. Before his death we swapped book

s and took many heart-to-heart walks.  Bill & I both walked Spain’s Camino
 De Santiago.  We lived in their home in Colorado.
– Lee Miller

Fond memories of community nights at the Oxford House for Wayward Boys in Pasadena. Bill organized literature read aloud evenings. So many laughs! Was it Bill who read excerpts from Twain’s, “The Awful German Language”?

Bill Dickson was a kind,  generous and wise follower of Christ.
– Steve Lied

Somehow I was asked to call a square dance at Bill and Linda’s wedding reception. The band (acoustic, including a really good mandolin player) and I had one rehearsal, and then the big event came. There were one or two squares of very game (good for them) and rather confused (bad for me) dancers giving it the old college try. If I recall, this was a recreation of a former time in Bill’s life, but I’m not sure we did it justice.

Sorry to see him go home so early. Best to all,

– Ed Wischmeyer
Christian brothers are usually a joy to be around. As a former women’s libber that is saying a lot. My friendships with men were strained again after Rick died. Bill was one of those bright spots who radiated the love of Jesus, and I only spoke with him a few times. When I think of how smart he was, I am impressed with his patience and kindness. Last year my husband and I were stranded in Colorado Springs when our already-paid-for-hotel room was overbooked. It was 11pm before another hotel was found for us. I quickly phoned Bill and Linda and reached them as they were flying out of CO. They offered their home giving us the password and telling us where to find a key. Such openness and hospitality…..I am sad for your family and for the Christian community. I know Jesus is crying with you.
– Anne Rodgers

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  1. I served on the missions committee at Menlo Presbyterian Church (now Menlo.Church) that supported Bill at GMI and once visited him in his office in Colorado Springs. He was passionate, knowledgeable and helpful. He was dedicated to creating maps for missions. I know he will be missed by many.

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